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Sound Trip is a soundscape simulation performed by a speculative autonomous vehicle. The sound-design is made using ASMR streamed on Twitch. It incorporates the ASMR audio qualities (gentle sound vibrations, relaxing tones, atmosphere) of riding in a car on a rainy night, but also takes the viewer on a journey through parallel soundscapes (ocean water, crickets, bells, etc). Secondly, Sound Trip is a concept simulation of a type of ASMR audio journey that an AI-powered autonomous vehicle could use to induce a real-life passenger into a state of relaxation while on the road.

The Brief:

Part documentary, part theater, part data collection, popularized live streamed content is based on practices of watching and being watched, access, control and gaze within both private and public spaces. Is this the metaverse?

The Digital as a Place studio will research “real” places through the interface. We will meander through nostalgic web camera stages, gamified live streams, performative Zoom mirrors, smart surveillance, generative NFT concerts, and 360 hype houses as not merely an act of internet voyeurism but to build an acute sense of  critical and perceptual awareness of these digital places, the people, and infrastructures that surround it.