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Queer Mart is an AR social network that services the LGBTQ+ community as a prototype for sharing play spaces and empowering queer folk with necessities for living. A series of 3D scanning exercises in my local neighborhood became a tool kit for participatory engagement in my community as a process for prototype development.

Queer Mart is a prototype for sharing locations and resources between the LGBTQ+ community. Locations range from where to access HRT and HIV preventative medication to queer bars. AR tagging in Queer Mart is done through coded symbols and language that protects locations from outsiders and is shared within the LGBTQ+ community only.

Pink pins mark safe zones, red pins mark pleasure zones, and blue pins mark danger zones.

Grid of the kinds of AR tags you would find using Queer Mart.

HRT oranges is code for access to hormone replacement therapy. Once selected from this menu you will see AR oranges and pink pins marking the location of access in the city. Prototype of what the city would look like with AR signs and symbols imbedded between buildings and streets of Downtown LA.

AR tagging in Downtown LA.