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Research strategies for my thesis project Queer Mart, which included LiDAR scan studies in virtual reality and participatory engagement. In play sessions the participants and I co-made magical objects that symbolize safety, pleasure, and danger. Participants also drew cognitive maps of the safest route they would take if they walked to the grocery store from home.

Participatory Engagement

Artifacts from the co-making session. Pink boxes contain safety objects, blue boxes are danger scenarios, Red boxes have objects for pleasure. Cognitive maps drawn in the workshop depicting safety routes from home to the grocery store. Pleasure, danger, and safe zones are marked by stickers.

Photos from co-making session where participants made magical products out of air dry clay and 3D pens. On the right are prompts to guide participants through an imagined grocery store that acts as a prototype to make symbols for safety, danger, and pleasure.

Co-Making Kit

Prototype Sketch

LiDAR Scan Studies

Research strategies for my thesis project included LiDAR scan studies in virtual reality. Initially I used LiDAR to understand the process used to create the AR metaverse that will intersect with apps like Google Maps.

Virtual Reality Prototype