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Software: Photoshop, Spark AR
Materials: iPhone 11

Project Brief:

This is a 5-week
iterative project in which you will be designing text forms and formats, establishing ways of writing, translation, access and reading. Once you’ve established the components of your project, we will meet and critique it on a weekly basis as you iteratively advance your work through concurrent threads of experimentation, design studies, morphologies, material production and multiple modes of feedback and evaluation.

For this project I chose to reflect on Kali Holloway’s essay “Toxic Masculinity is Killing Men:  The Roots of Male Trauma” where she discusses the connection between gender roles and the cyclical, binary hegemony passed on through parenting and media. My work reflects on the design of gender, gender expression, and its relationship to media through typography and augmented reality. First, I created multiple iterations combining elements of comic books as a nod to Holloway’s mention of the “Superman Archetype.” Then I took the elements I worked with in my iterations to design an AR filter titled “El Femme La Masc” to inspire self-reflection around gender, and expose perpetuated biases by the media.