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  Software: Unity, Delft AI Toolkit, Teachable Machine, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop 

Aeode is a companion robot that likes to learn speech patterns, and recognizes sounds it learns through interactions with humans. The AI also interprets sounds into drawings. My intention behind this design is to give the sense of animism behind the robot, in order to create a bond between humans and AI.  A key takeaway for me is to consider the relationship between human and AI, which allows for imaginative narratives that can ultimately change the way humans associate with technology. 


Aeode is from the planet, Jupiter XLI, and is named after the greek muse of music and voice. The inhabitants of Jupiter XLI, all speak in noises. Aeode will remember and develop a language through its interactions with other vocal creatures. Specifically, they love strange abstract noises like the sound of blowing a raspberry, they can’t help but join in by blowing a raspberry back. It’s similar in the way that wolves howl in unison. Depending on the sound, Aeode will draw a specific line/ dot/ or zig zag and the colors are determined by vocal tones. Nobody is quite sure when the Aeode arrived on Earth, but we’re happy it’s here. Over time Aeode will learn to speak in your language, and will respond to it’s name when you call it by lighting up it’s LED’s to signal it has recognized your call. If you scare Aeode it will leave a puddle of paint, so be careful not to overstimulate it.

Project Brief:

The design of the system will be done through the lens of a technology that has a specific or strange life-like personality, but not human-like. Using a combination of prototyping using the Deflt AI Toolkit, Wizard of Ozing, and video scenarios, students will create a robot that has adapted to help people (or at least try).

As a way to explore new approaches for AI and get past cliched design strategies, students must design their imaginary robot as if it already had a strange way of communicating and understanding the world. Because it has this background, it communicates and behaves in odd ways that may seem strange to earth based humans. Creating this backstory is part of the assignment. Your task is to create an intentionally strange, fictional UX persona.