Expanded Cinema
Instructor: Kate Parsons

Software: Premiere Pro
Material: Panasonic GH4, CASIO CTK-150


In Vessel, an Aquarian goddess casts a spell to rejuvenate the earth. She bathes herself in a tub of celestial magic surrounded by nature on the cusp of new growth.

Director Statement:

Vessel is inspired by “The Image of Objectivity,” by Lorraine Daston and Peter Galison, which argues it is impossible to achieve pure objectivity in subjective processes of authors, scientists, and artists. In this work I asked artist and performer Eva Myra May to interpret the celestial figure from mythology, her zodiac, Aquarius in order to examine the objectivity of gender, sexuality, astrology and mythology.

Project Brief:

Create a short film using the theme of “Structure.” The Final should demonstrate sensitivity to and appreciation for the technical and artistic merit of the moving image. Students can work in animation, video, or a hybrid of the two to create an original work that showcases their knowledge of the field. Students will also use the technological aspects of video to properly film a short documentary about their work for extra credit.


Produce an original short film from conception to realization using a reading from your class with Prof. Barbosa. Students are free to create any kind of moving image work, about any subject matter in Critical Histories II, that adheres to a structure: Chronology, Mapping, Audio-driven, and Musical Structures are all acceptable. Criteria for a successful project are:
  1. Follows the rules of basic videography (exposure, etc.) covered in class
  2. Sensitivity to editing, proper lighting and framing/composition
  3. A discernible and intentional structure
  4. Approximate length: 1-4 minutes