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Project Description:

Sanctus Intelligentia Artificialis, is an exploration of the possible relationships humans can build with artificial intelligence in the work place. I was inspired to look at the relationship between my father who is a truck driver and his truck to speculate on the future of truck driving as it becomes autonomous. The video follows Guillermo Amaya on a typical workday that includes maintenance, listening, and a lot of time on the road. This context for me provided a lot of room to imagine the kinship that is possible between a trucker and machine or father and machine?

I approached this topic from the standpoint of indigenous epistemologies, inspired by the essay, “Making Kin with the Machines” by Jason Edward Lewis, Noelani Arista, Archer Pechawis, and Suzanne Kite. The video references Kite and Lewis discussing the importance of accommodating the “non-human” by creating complex kin-networks and raising the question “how do we create an ethical framework for AI by using protocols?” 

Project Brief:

How will we work tomorrow? Where will we work tomorrow? What will we work on tomorrow? What will “work” be, tomorrow? Will we work tomorrow? Why do we work? (...and who is "we"?)

There was a time when everything was “work.” In this studio, we will engage in a collective inquiry about this huge topic. Rather than attempt to be comprehensive (which would be impossible), we will instead focus on novel perspectives from guest experts and selected references. Based on these primary and secondary research sources, our central interest in this studio will be on “question finding”: that is, identifying and articulating specific design issues/ domains/ problems/ opportunities regarding the nature of work now and in the near future.