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IoT Prototype
Creative Tech: 1
Instructor: Philip van Allen
Fall 2020

Materials: ESP32, Breadboards, Round Top LEDs, Square Blue LED, Pins, and Glasses Case
Software: Atom, Adafruit IO
Programming Language: Python

Inspired by Philip van Allen’s “A New Era of Technology,” we conceptualized a way of taking every day objects found in our home to create a personalized and functional object to mimic a socially distanced “handshake.” As a group Tieyang Li, Noah Curtis and myself devised a plan for conceptualizing what a socially distant handshake might look like, as we are in a pandemic where physical contact seems like a thing of the past.


Using the ESP32 we each sent and received feeds to our location (Tieyang: China, Noah: Northern California, Alan: Los Angeles, CA) from our pressure sensor every time we pressed and held pressure to indicate that the user is making contact. When this happens a specific LED lights up to indicate Noah, Tieyang, or myself is communicating a touch value. A fourth LED was installed as an indicator for when all three of us have successfully made contact at the same time, resulting in a completed handshake. 
Project Brief: 

Using the context of Los Angeles and Shanghai/Beijing and their surrounding areas - design and prototype a small device that connects people in an interesting way. Consider this a working experience prototype that could serve as a vehicle for a longer term, participatory design process. The conditions you consider can be cultural, social-economic, social, political, or some other dimension.