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Shader Face




The Brief: Create an object in Unity or any other environment of your choosing and color it using shaders in a way that “makes sense.“ Makes sense” can be interpreted broadly.

The Concept: Application of AR with Shaders just seems like the perfect combination. I tried thinking of an interesting forms that shaders could take on and landed on faces! What better way to express mood than through a unique algorithmic process that uses colors, math, and pixels.

“Shaders are also a set of instructions, but the instructions are executed all at once for every single pixel on the screen. That means the code you write has to behave differently depending on the position of the pixel on the screen. Like a type press, your program will work as a function that receives a position and returns a color, and when it's compiled it will run extraordinarily fast.”

- The Book of Shaders  

The Process: Following a workshop by Char Stiles - I used an online shader editor knowns as “The Force.” 

Char provided a base code that I took and applied my own perameters, trigonometry, and randomness. This ultimately became a fun experimental journey of learning and color effects that I quickly grew to love. 

After making a few iterations of shaders I loved I brought them into Lens Studio and applied each to a face mesh creating Shader Face.